Material: HMPE (high modulus polyethylene)
  Construction: 8 strand plaited
  Ultraline (superior quality)
Color of Rope: White
Specific Gravity: 0,97
Melting Point: 145 - 1520 C
Abrasion Resistance: Good
U.V.resistance: Good
Temperature resistance: Fibre can be used between -1500 C and 1000 C
Chemical resistance: Excellent, also very good to acids and alkalis
Rot/ Mildew Resistance: -
Waterabsorption/ Fibres: Does not absorb water
Dry & wet conditions: Breaking strength unaffected by wetting/ fibres do not swell or hydrolise in water
Flotation: Permanent flotation in water
Approx. Elongation on 25% of B.L.: 0,90%
Approx. Elongation on 50% of B.L.: 1,80%
Approx. Elongation on 100% of B.L.: 3,50%
Breaking strength: 10 x stronger than steel with similar weight
Range of use: Towing, emergency lines, winchlines

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