Material: Polyamide (nylon)
  Construction: 3 strand - 8 strand plaited
  Ultraline (superior quality)
Color of Rope: White
Specific Gravity: 1,14
Melting Point: 2500 C
Abrasion Resistance: Good
U.V.resistance: Second to polyester
Temperature resistance: Workable in sub-zero temperatures
Chemical resistance: Good resistance to alkalis at normal temperatures but limited resistance to acids
Rot/ Mildew Resistance: Resistant to rotting and seawater
Waterabsorption/ Fibres: -
Dry & wet conditions: Much greater dry strength than polyester, however when wet it can lose up to 15% of dry strength
Flotation: Sinks
Approx. Elongation on 25% of B.L.: 26%
Approx. Elongation on 50% of B.L.: 36%
Approx. Elongation on 100% of B.L.: 45%
Breaking strength: See diagram
Range of use: 8 strand ideal for shock loading applications such as towing and mooring lifting and general purposes

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